Our monthly food giveaway is on the last Sunday of each month.  Even though the program is open to all, our main  focus is on those on fixed incomes; with the idea that there is a need in so many cases of those needing food items to tide them over until the next paycheck.

We give away 12 items, plus a pound of rice for those who want it. Those items consist of a 1 pound can of ham, 1 can of pink salmon, 1 can of spaghetti and meat balls, 1 can of pork ‘n beans, 1 can of chili w/beans, 1 can of lima (butter) beans, 1 can of green beans, 1 can of peas, 1 can of mixed vegetables, 1 can of corn, 1 box of macaroni & cheese, and 1 box of thin spaghetti

Recipients are required to obtain a number when they come in for the food; those numbers are handed out inside the church.  We invite them to come inside the church until their number is flashed on the screen at the end of the regular service.

While they are waiting for their number to come up (we flash 10 at a time), we have two ministers presenting the Word of God. Many of them come in during the morning service, thereby a word from the pastor (a double dose doesn’t hurt anybody).

We have our largest attendance on the last Sunday of the month.  We serve between 60-90 families every month.  This effort is funded entirely by the church without any outside governmental agency assistance..      YOUR HELP IS WELCOMED!!!



For the past 15 years (2015), we have had our annual hamburger/hot dog festival that is free to the community.  For the children we have the Giant Slide, The Moon Walk and the Pop-a-Shot Basketball set up.  There is plenty of food, fun, prizes and a limited supply of back to school items.  IT IS A FUN FILLED AFTERNOON!!!  Come and join us.  This one day event takes place during the month of August.  COME AND JOIN US.  You may contact the church (859-987-4004) for any further information.



Twice a month a group of the saints visit the local Nursing Home.  They engage in singing of songs and worship with the residents.  We have received encouraging feedback from those precious residents.  OUR AIM IS TO SERVE BEYOND OUR FOUR WALLS!!!